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Folkestone Triennial 2017

We produced twenty-one (count ’em!) videos introducing the artists at the latest edition of the Folkestone Triennial.

Jennifer Tee: Let It Come Down

Daniel Richter ‘Lonely Old Slogans’

TateShots: Jason Evans

Mark Wallinger ‘Ecce Homo’

Mark Wallinger’s Ecce Homo – the first sculpture to be displayed on Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth – was installed today at St Paul’s Cathedral. Its appearance for the next six weeks is part of a collaboration with Amnesty International, and aims to ‘highlight the plight of all those currently in prison, suffering torture or facing execution because of their political, religious or other conscientiously-held beliefs.’

We produced this short film to be shared by the Cathedral and Amnesty, and provided documentation of the work for the artist’s archive.

Camera: Cressida Kocienski and Sonny Malhotra

Sound: Adam Gutch

Producer and Director: Jared Schiller

The Monarch of the Glen

As part of the National Galleries of Scotland’s campaign to raise funds for the purchase of Sir Edwin Landseer’s painting The Monarch of the Glen (About 1851) I spoke to Sir Peter Blake and Peter Saville about how they appropriated this symbol of Scottishness in their own work.

Blake’s painting was commissioned by Sir Paul McCartney in 1966, and hung in the lobby of his production company in London. It was here that designer Peter Saville saw the work, and was later inspired to create his own homage…

Camden Arts Centre

We’re proud to produce exhibition films for Camden Arts Centre. Their latest exhibition is by the Danish artist Joachim Koester. In the Face of Overwhelming Forces is on until March 26th.

Directed by Tim Knights, produced and edited by Jared Schiller.